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Snippet: Integrating the Drools Business Rules Management System in 5 Minutes

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Drools is a slim Business Rules Management System (BRMS) solution with different integrations and tools available.

In the following short snippet I’d like to demonstrate how to integrate a simple rule engine into an application using this library.


Business Process Modeling with Activiti and BPMN 2.0

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Having tried a bunch of workflow engines and business processing management platforms I now have given the Activiti framework a try.

I immediately liked the good test support using annotations and jUnit test rules, a straight API and the good Eclipse IDE integration as well as I liked the Activiti Explorer and the Activiti REST Application and the feeling to achieve quick results with less effort when using this framework.

In the following tutorial I’m going to an example BPMN process for an issue request process using different components like Groovy script tasks, service tasks written in Java, E-Mail service tasks and form builders.

Finally I’m showing how to write a full integration test for the process and how to run the process in a web application environment using the Activiti Explorer application.