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Creating Pre-Commit-Hooks in Git and Mercurial: Prefix Commit Messages for Feature/Story Branches

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Managing my projects’ source code I am using Git also as Mercurial. Therefore I often encounter the situation where I am creating a special branch to implement a specific user story or feature request.

Now when working on such a story branch I often enter the issue-key or a short title as a prefix for each commit message. Doing this by manually is a waste of time and error-prone and luckily for us, each of both DVCS offers us an easy API to add custom hooks to the different life-cycle events.


Oh JBehave, Baby! Behaviour Driven Development using JBehave

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Behaviour Driven Development Keyword Map

Behaviour Driven Development is the keyword when we’re talking about test scenarios written in an ubiquitous language, strong interaction with stakeholders, product owners or testers and well described, common understandable test scenarios.

The popular JBehave framework is our tool of choice here and allows us to decouple our test stories from the test classes, offers an integration for web tests using Selenium and finally there’s a helpful Maven plugin for JBehave, too.

After a short excursion into the principles of Behaviour Driven Development we’re going to write and implement test stories for simple acceptance tests and web tests using selenium.