A look at Maven 3 alpha

March 22nd, 2010 by

We are all waiting for a stable release of Maven3 with following updates ..

  • faster, more performant .. save us time building our software and some precious memory ;)
  • improved artifact resolution api and plugin api
  • better osgi integration
  • a few bugfixes
  • no mixing of application dependencies and tooling dependencies
  • though it does not matter that much to me: polyglot features .. e.g.: “Writing your pom files in Groovy”
  • version-less parent elements for multi-module or multi-pom projects, no need to define the parent version in every submodule
  • better artifact resolution, which dependency or pom supplied which artifact to the outcome .. got that information from: “Splitter from the world of Java”

With the current alpha build there are some known problems with Maven2 projects and old maven plugins – some of them made me qq

Compatability List with Maven2:


Issue List:


Some information from the Sonatype guys:



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