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Immutables 2.0 for sexy Immutable Object Creation and more

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Using immutable objects in Java (and other programming languages as well) is a good thing because immutable objects may be shared safely, are thread-safe and reduce the risk of side effects in your applications.

Nowadays multiple frameworks exist to reduce the need of writing boilerplate code here but there is one special framework whose features I’d like to demonstrate in the following short tutorial.

It hooks into your application using annotation processing and generates type-safe builders, toString, hashCode, equals methods for you, supports lazy attributes, singleton instances, serialization into data-formats like JSON and a lot of other features,too.


Creating elegant, typesafe Queries for JPA, mongoDB/Morphia and Lucene using Querydsl

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Querydsl is a framework that allows us to create elegant, type-safe queries for a variety of different data-sources like Java Persistence API (JPA) entities, Java Data Objects (JDO), mongoDB with Morphia, SQL, Hibernate Search up to Lucene.

In the following tutorial we’re implementing example queries for different environments – Java Persistence API compared with a JPQL and a criteria API query, mongoDB with Morphia and last but not least for Lucene.