Compiling CoffeeScript with Maven

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CoffeeScript is a neat language that is transcompiled into JavaScript but is more predictable and allows to write the same code with 1/3 fewer lines and of course with a (imho) nicer syntax.

CoffeeScript is nice but a vivid integration into our application build lifecycle with Maven is better  and that is what the following example is all about.


Maven Dependencies

Though there are some alternatives, we’re using brew here so please add the following dependency to your Maven project:


CoffeeScript Example

Now we need a simple CoffeeScript script to be compiled into JavaScript.

The following class simulates a simple countdown – if you’re new to CoffeeScript please take a look at the nice project website – there’s also an emulator to toy around ..

We’re creating a file named in the directory src/main/coffeescript

class Countdown
 constructor:(@treshold) -> 
 countDown: ->
 alert("beginning countdown from  #{@treshold}")
 for num in [@treshold..1]
 do (num) ->
countdown = new Countdown 10

That’s what the stuff looks like when running it on the emulator on

Using the online CoffeeScript emulator

Using the online CoffeeScript emulator

Running the countdown

Running the countdown

Compiling and the Result

Now let the compiler do his work and run

mvn package

And that’s what the compiled JavaScript countdown-class looks like – CoffeeScript looks nicer don’t you agree? :)

(function () {
 var Countdown, countdown;
 Countdown = (function () {
 function Countdown(treshold) {
 this.treshold = treshold;
 Countdown.prototype.countDown = function () {
 var num, _fn, _ref;
 alert("beginning countdown from  " + this.treshold);
 _fn = function (num) {
 return alert(num);
 for (num = _ref = this.treshold; _ref <= 1 ? num <= 1 : num >= 1; _ref <= 1 ? num++ : num--) {
 return alert("FIRE!!!!");
 return Countdown;
 countdown = new Countdown(10);


There are a few alternatives out there – I don’t know which one is the best but I am open for any suggestion..

Tutorial Sources

I have put the source from this tutorial on my Bitbucket repository – download it there or check it out using Mercurial:

hg clone


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